"The real attraction, however, is to enjoy good Turkish cuisine, a culinary bridge between Europe and Asia, in stylish surroundings with a service to match. Turkuaz plays Turkey's traditionally strong hand of fresh cold and hot appetizers, casseroles and grilled food very well."  

"Turkuaz differs not only because the food is good, but also because it has a clear identity"
"Turkuaz has an extensive menu and I head directly for the cold appetizer, perfect when the going gets steamy and just right with a basket of fresh baked puffy Turkish bread." 

"With this penchant for exaggeration, my friend Ricky had already done atop job of taking up Turkuaz. The "kazandibi" was a treat, just like the rest of the meal. And since we would have preffered different entertainment, we'll just have to go back on belly dancing nights. 

"One of Turkuaz's triumphs is the transformation of the difficult cavernous space into a vast 16th Century ottoman tent. In the Sultanate Palace of the Ottoman Empire, Medittarenean, Turkish, Greek and Armenian cuisines came together under a canopy of decadence" 
New York Resident

"For a Turkish treat, try this capacious, atmospheric Upper West Side newcomer, where custumed waiters purvey traditional dishes in a dimly lit, tented room and a belly dancer gyrates on weekend nights."
Zagat Survey

"It is as if you have time-travel to the 16th Century Ottoman Empire. In the traditional corner, they have Orthodox Turkish divans and silver tables. Why not enjoy feeling like a king for a day." 
Asahi (Japanese Newspaper)

"Turkuaz serves good Turkish and Middle Eastern standards, as well as unusual appetizers such as thickened yogurt with crushed garlic, mint and dill; and zucchini pancakes with garlic-yogurt dressing."

"We were looking for a place both inexpensive and unique", says Scott. When they happened upon the restaurant Turkuaz by chance, they had discovered the perfect site. The atmosphere of the establishment reminded the couple of the tent in Seville where they had become engaged, right down to the fabric covered walls."
Modern Bride New York