Our Story



We started eighteen years ago, in the Upper West Side of New York City.

We took over a cursed spot (as it was described by  New York Times in Year 2000) and transformed it into the largest Turkish Restaurant in NYC, served authentic Turkish Cuisine in an irreplaceable setting and made a lot of friends during those years.

Every story has a challenge and unfortunately we had to leave our beloved location in August 2017. We were blessed to find a new cute spot, this time in the heart of the city, in Midtown, at 255 W 55th Street, NYC. We made this place our new home.

Our food is the same flavor and taste, our service is the same, friendly and professional.

If you are one of our previous patrons, please come and check us out at our new location.

If we have never met, don't waste any more time, we have been in this business long and strong and have built a good brand. Enjoy! 

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